December Holiday Party

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Celebrate the holiday season with your fellow AWIN members and guests. (BYOB!)

This replaces our December Luncheon.

Raeann Mysliwiec’s home

17151 Hampton Court, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Please help this years Adopt a Family by bringing a few items listed.

$5-10 online donations here or at the door— Current Members and guests invited (guests are free)
Italian Dinner will be served—BYOB

Our Adopt A Family Recipient story

want to give you all an introduction to my Family that are near and dear to my Heart…my Sister Kristina and my Nephews Logan and Donovan. These three have been through SO MUCH; not only in the last couple of years, but throughout their Lifetime. What you ALL are doing for them during this Holiday Season, I can’t even put into words how much it means to me! THANK YOU…

My Sisters Husband Chris is very sick and in need of a Kidney and Pancreas transplant, he’s Type 1 Diabetic with a Type O Blood (very rare), just had a heart attack and the Dr’s had to put a stint in his heart. Over the past 2 years she has been taking care of Chris, their children and working a full-time job as a Cosmetologist. She’s had to leave work more times than anyone can keep track of to care for her Husband that has been in and out of Mayo Clinic, Abbot and HCMC due to his illness; which ultimately has reduced her Income to more than half of what she normally makes within a year.

The past few weeks Kristina and my nephews living situation has changed and she is need of assistance. They don’t have much, but they have a roof over their heads and each other. I’m going to share a bit about all three of them so you can learn a bit more of who your giving to.

Logan (I call him LoLo ) – 15yrs old Sophomore
Loves Wrestling and Football
Loves to Read Books
Loves Science
Sizes – Men’s Large Shirt / Pants 32/34 (he’s VERY long/tall) …Old Navy/Kohls
Shoe Size/Socks - 12

Donovan (I call him D’Bo) - 10yrs old 5th Grade
Loves Wrestling/Football
Jurassic Park/Legos
Sizes – 10/12 Boys
Shoe Size / Socks - 5

Vacuum – New or Used
Hot Pads for cooking
Soap Holders (bathrooms)/Toothbrush Holders
Floor Lamps
End Tables
Rugs – front entry ways
Clothes – Size M/L on top, Medium Bottoms

Gift Cards & Cash donations welcome to help them thru this time of transition.

Speaker at Dinner Kelly Chillstrom

Health insurance for small businesses and individuals (over and under age 65)

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