Margaret Litchy-Miller, N.D.

Dr. Margaret Litchy-Miller Naturopathic Clinic

Naturopathic Doctor



As a registered Naturopathic Doctor in Minnesota through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, Dr. Litchy-Miller combines current and researched evidence-based allopathic medical science with the power and efficiency of natural treatments to provide a holistic treatment plan unique to each patient. Dr. Litchy-Miller received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, which was recently recognized as one of the top Medical Schools in the country by the Princeton Review. Dr. Litchy-Miller values integrative care, and appreciates the opportunity to work with other physicians and health care professionals.
Dr. Litchy-Miller has received extensive clinical training as a primary care general practitioner, allowing her to provide excellent and comprehensive care to people of all ages, with an array of health conditions and concerns.€€ Dr. Litchy-Miller especially enjoys working with women, children, and teens transitioning into adulthood. Dr. Litchy-Miller spent additional time studying Naturopathic care in the fields of Pediatrics, Women’s Health, and integrative cancer treatment during her medical education.  Dr. Litchy-Miller specializes in treating patients living with thyroid conditions, fertility issues, hormone imbalances, and difficulty with menopause.

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